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Is it worth reupholstering your furniture?

When looking at what you get with your hard-earned dollar, reupholstering is definitely a great investment. True upholstery completely rebuilds a piece of furniture from the frame up. Usually the older the furniture the more structurally sound the frame. The kiln-dried hardwood-dowelled frames of yesterday are superior to any stapled-together particleboard frame found in todayís furniture. After a frame is checked to see if it is structurally solid, if need be it will be reinforced with extra wood or steel brackets.


Next an upholsterer will check out the springs. The frame and springs are the unseen foundation that makes or breaks your furniture. Coyle springs can be re-tied to bring them back to their original strength. This creates more tension and makes it easier to get out of your furniture.  With no-sag springs (zigzag type), an upholsterer will shorten their length to increase the tension and create a firmer seat or back.  Many manufacturers place no-sag springs too far apart in order to cut costs. An upholsterer can add to the number of springs in your furniture.

When choosing foam, you need to look at its density. Density is the amount of product used in a measured area. You can try different kinds of depth and densities of foam right at your own home.  This will determine the firmness that you desire on your furniture.  If your furniture looks out of shape or squashed down, chances are your foam needs replacing.

Whether itís repairing, reconstructing, re-styling or restoring, an upholsterer can help you with all of your furniture needs at a reasonable price.

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